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Carolyn Arnold

Our church is switching to Zoom from Go to Meeting, but right now with Go to Meeting, I can get on with my iPhone using commas, after the call in number, two commas, access number, two cfommas, pound, two commas, pound again, and I'm in. A lady on a chat list told me to do that and said that Shift 7 would give me the commas, because the key pad is up, and I'd heard that, but never could figure out where the comma would be.

I was timed out on my iPhone too before I was given the instructions about the commas. But, then, if the host is not allowing, then you have a problem.

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Hi, All:

I called the host before the meeting and she said she thought she had not allowed the phone part since people were being timed out putting in the ID and pass code.

I didn't get the microphone to work, but I had audio so was able to listen to the meeting.

Thanks to everyone for their help and patience.


On 7/21/2020 7:00 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

The program ID and password are the same for the phone. You just need
to type in the digits on the phone's keypad.

Ann P.

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