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heather albright

The time was wrong when I used NVDA and i went over to jaws and narrator, they both had the right time! So I went back to NVDA which still had the wrong time. So I went threw all the updates, no issues they were all current. So this may sound strange but, I found an add on I wanted to add to my NVDA. After I added that update for OCR, it went back to normal for the time! Very weird! I can say that has never happened before.

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Are you saying the time is wrong or its read in an unusual way, such as reading punctuation as in six colon twenty-five. If the actual numbers are wrong, I have no idea what is causing that because, as far as I know, all screen-readers get the time from the same information.

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Subject: [TechTalk] MVDA and the clock

For some reason my NVDA gives you the wrong time. I know it is an issue with NVDA because jaws and narrator give the correct time! So any ideas how to fix it?
Thanks Heather
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