Re: Dropbox Question About Saving Shared Files

Steve Matzura

Someone shared a file with me. I clicked the link to acces the file. One of the options was a download menu button. When I opened the menu, "Save to my Dropbox" was one of the choices, so I chose that option. Of course, I had to log in to my own Dropbox, which I successfully did. The file was saved. I know it was, because when I did it again, it saved a second copy with a numeric addition to the filename. But I can't find any of them anywhere. I suspect this may also be a Windows Search problem, probably not searching subdirectories as it should, because I can think of no other reason why this file is unfindable. If I look at recently added files on the Dropbox Website, the file is there--in fact, they all are--but nowhere am I told in what folder those files are stored. This is the problemk, long-winded version.

On 7/20/2020 12:01 PM, Mike B wrote:

In what fashion was it shared?  Did they send you a download link?  Do you have a shared folder?

Take care.  Mike.

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