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I suspect, though I've never looked into it, that you can save files to your Dropbox account online and the files won't be sent to your computer, Assuming you have looked in all the folders of your Dropbox account on your computer, that is my guess of what happened. I don't think I've ever seen this discussed before but that is my guess.


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Someone shared a file with me. I clicked the link to acces the file. One
of the options was a download menu button. When I opened the menu, "Save
to my Dropbox" was one of the choices, so I chose that option. Of
course, I had to log in to my own Dropbox, which I successfully did. The
file was saved. I know it was, because when I did it again, it saved a
second copy with a numeric addition to the filename. But I can't find
any of them anywhere. I suspect this may also be a Windows Search
problem, probably not searching subdirectories as it should, because I
can think of no other reason why this file is unfindable. If I look at
recently added files on the Dropbox Website, the file is there--in fact,
they all are--but nowhere am I told in what folder those files are
stored. This is the problemk, long-winded version.

On 7/20/2020 12:01 PM, Mike B wrote:

In what fashion was it shared? Did they send you a download link? Do you have a shared folder?

Take care. Mike.

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