Re: constant hard drive activity


Howard, You may just be downloading updates or patch fixes from
Microsoft in the background. But, if you have the anti virus program
Avast installed on that PC, I'd put that at the top of the list of
suspects. I've had to remove that program from several machines over
the years for that very reason. For some reason, on my Win 10 PC, it
did exactly what you described. However, on my Win 7 PC, it
exhibited signs of " disk thrashing" which would make the hard drive
spin up to full speed and max out my CPU meter on and off all through
the day. This is known and apparently acceptable behavior for some
Avast users and yet others never have such issues or at least never
noticed it. . If you've installed any new programs lately, I'd start
there and work your way back.


On 7/21/20, Howard Traxler <> wrote:
Hi all,

All the time that my computer is running, I hear this noise that the
hard drive makes when it reads and/or writes. Sounds like a berping
noise about once per second. Is there a way that I can find out what's
happening in there or maybe even stop it? I'm sure that the constant
activity is causing unnecessary wear on the components.


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