Re: Transferring Outlook info to my new computer


As long as the .PST file on your older machine is titled the very same as the one on your new machine, you should not even need to import this newly overwritten  .PST file which is the steps at the bottom. Just overwrite the .PST file and that is truly all that should be necessary to accomplish what it is that you are after accomplishing. assuming that your account on this new machine is the very same as the older machine.


If this .PST file on the older machine is not titled the very same, simply rename it yourself so it then is titled the very same before importing.


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Backing up message rules:


1. Highlight whatever email and use your Applications key or Shift+F10 keystroke and arrow to Rules submenu... hit enter or simply right arrow.

2. Up arrow once to highlight Manage Rules and Alerts... hit enter. This is going to open up a Rules and Alerts dialogue where you can create, manage  and setup rules.

3. Tab to Options button and use your spacebar to open this up.

4. Exporting and Importing Rules will open up which you should hear about importing and exporting message rules.

5. Tab around and you will hear Export and Import options, select Export.

6. It's going to ask what you would like to title this export as, and where you would like to save it.


Importing message rules:


1.            To Import message rules, do things just the same as above except when you get to the Import and Export message rules option, instead of using Export, simply use Import and navigate to wherever it is that you have selectively chosen to place your Export backup file and your rules should be successfully imported.


Importing a .PST file:


Here you can go to where your .PST file is located on your older machine, and just copy it to your clipboard to place it on a USB flash drive to get it to your new machine, or use Dropbox to accomplish this or once again, do it however you see fit. Then you can simply overwrite the .PST file that is already there and if you are asking yourself how I know you already have a .PST file on this new machine, as you stated, you already have Outlook365 installed when in actuality, you said that you had Office365 already installed.


So this .PST file is what you are wanting to overwrite and yes, this will have the various emails that you had upon your older computer once you overwrite the .PST file (just make sure that Outlook is closed during this overwriting of the .PST file).


.PST File Importing:


1. From the Inbox Alt+F for the file menu.

2. Arrow down to Info and press Enter.

3. Select your specific account and tab twice down to Account Settings... submenu and right arrow to Account Settings... and press Enter.

4. Now you should be on Email Tab and if you Control+Tab once you should be placed upon Data Files tab.

5. Tab down to Settings... and press Enter.

6. Now you will Tab down to where it's going to ask you which directory you are interested in using for your .PST file which you have copied to your new machine. So just find your .PST file here.

7. OK it and you may have to OK it again just don't recall.




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Hi all, I have just bought myself a new notebook running windows 10. I have its setup which includes the office programs. Now I am wondering if there is an easy way to transfer all my emails over to the new computer without having to download them all. Both computers are running windows 10 and whatever outlook comes with office 365. Is there also a way to transfer my rules to the new computer or do I need to set these up again? I’m pretty sure I can do the address book myself because I have done this in the past.


In the past when I have changed computers, I haven’t had many emails, so it didn’t worry me downloading them onto the new computer. I have all my email programs to only delete off the server if deleted from deleted items folder. So I have all my emails on the server so I can download them again however I have a mixture of read and unread messages in my current folders so if I download them all again I won’t know which I have read and which I haven’t.


Thanks for any help.

From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.


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