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heather albright

I hate atnt, accessibility is a freaken joke with them. I always remind them of this when someone calls trying to sell something to me. Heck, they still have not followed the law with accessible set-top boxes with uverse! Which, I think they do not have anymore anyways. Good luck! Heather

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I access AT&T's website & mail via Safari on my iPhone or iPad. Both are accessible. The My AT&T app is not accessible using an iDevice. Sorry I can't comment on any accessibility from a computer user standpoint. I have been an AT&T customer since 1996. I have landline phone service, cellular service & internet. I have found customer service to be Excellent. And the customer reps at the AT&T stores to be professional, friendly & very helpful.


I am considering changing to AT&T internet and a streaming package. I already know that their streaming package is very accessible with the Apple devices. But I want to know how it is to use their web site and their email. I am currently with Spectrum and their sites are not simple but usable. Not too happy with the streaming package so far as usability.

The aT&T service here in Reno is Fiber optics so the equipment is good.

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