Re: At&T accessibility

Sean Paul

I’ve never had one issue using the AT&T app on my iPhone. I pay my bill, check my data usage even though it’s unlimited, I’ve now set up auto pay, etc.

Sean Paul informs y'all from my iPhone

On Jul 25, 2020, at 20:58, Donna <> wrote:


I access AT&T's website & mail via Safari on my iPhone or iPad. Both are accessible. The My AT&T app is not accessible using an iDevice. Sorry I can't comment on any accessibility from a computer user standpoint. I have been an AT&T customer since 1996. I have landline phone service, cellular service & internet. I have found customer service to be Excellent. And the customer reps at the AT&T stores to be professional, friendly & very helpful.


I am considering changing to AT&T internet and a streaming package. I already know that their streaming package is very accessible with the Apple devices. But I want to know how it is to use their web site and their email. I am currently with Spectrum and their sites are not simple but usable. Not too happy with the streaming package so far as usability.

The aT&T service here in Reno is Fiber optics so the equipment is good.

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