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Ah, thank you for the info woe! Cheers Heather

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The Go is a lot less powerful - which as with any computer, if you spend more, you can get a faster processor, more RAM etc.  But the other key difference with the Surface Go is that it runs "Windows 10 S".  That is a specific "Lite" version of Windows 10 where you can only run software you download from the Windows store.  So the regular version of most software like NVDA won't run on it.  You can convert Windows 10 S to regular Windows 10 Home, which is a one way step so you can't go back later.  I haven't used the Go but my concern would be ust how well regular Windows 10 Home would run on such a machine - the point of putting Windows 10 S on it in the first place is that it is "lighter" and will likely work better (in terms of running smoother etc) than the full featured Windows.

If anyone has a Go and has made that conversion it would be great to hear how your experience is with it.


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Hay I have been googling  this what is the exact difference between the microsoft pro and the go? It seems to have all the same specs but the go is way cheaper!  The only thing i could see one is more powerful than the other and the screen size is smaller on the go. Am I missing something? cheers Heather
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