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If that external of yours is clean with nothing on it, then maybe then you could back up your machine to it, but just because you have a 1TB within the laptop doesn't at all mean that you have 1TB worth of data upon it. So it truly comes down to what is it that you have upon your external, and what's the amount of data you have upon your local 1TB SSD?

As far as making a backup every month though, you would most likely want another drive with more capacity.

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Hi All,

I have a Lenovo laptop running win 10 and jfw. It has a 1 T SSD. I have a 1 T Western Digital My Passport external hard drive. I would like to backup the entirety of my computer to the external. How do I do that. This is only a personal computer not a business. I would like to update the backup every month or so in case I have some kind of disaster that wipes out my computer

Please help! I don't want to be caught unaware .

Thanks so much for your guidance in this matter.


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