Problems with pc start and NVDA

Cristina Ebetiuc <ebetiucristina@...>

I have a big problem.
I think, I have started my pc into safe-mode. Ihave justt restarted the pc and now it does not say anything. There are only the log-in options on the braille display. When I try to enter the pin it says that there is an error and I can‘t read more because when I try to go a line down with the braille display it just does nothing. Well and the other problem that the screen courtain is turned on. ...... Ah and also after I have reseted the Mikrosoft pasword it still says that it is not right. Does anybody have a solving?
Oh and I also did a registry patch inorder for NVDA to function in the safe.mode but now.... well.... I can‘t hear nothing. Well I did not intend to boot into safe.mode. I just think that is the problem......

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