Yes and the point is?


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The braillenote's information does actually say eloquent technology.

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Here's a quote that briefly mentions the history of the Eloquence
synthesizer taken from a rather old thread on FreeLists.,19

"Once, for fun, we worked with the guys at what was
then Eloquent Technologies (it has been acquired by SpeechWorks which
was later acquired by ScanSoft who, last year, changed their name to

And another quote here.

"ETI eloquence was originally owned and maintained by Eloquent
Technologies, incorperated, with IBM licensed to base their Viavoice and
viavoice outloud (fs) sapi4 speech synths off of eloquence in their IBM
voavoice, with the last company to sell that being Wizard Software. Then
Eloquent Technologies were bought out by Nuance."
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