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If a drive says that it’s a 1TB drive then no, it's not going to be larger than 1TB regardless.

It's sounding like from what you wrote, that you are more interested in actually cloning your system. As far as overwriting clones, I would imagine that this is possible, but most of the time you the user, would not want to do that (there are generally exceptions to every rule though).

Not sure of the actual amount of data upon your internal drive, but you probably could get 2 to 5 copies of your internal drive to your external. This is obviously based upon how much data your internal had which you said had not much at all on it.

You might want to truly learn more about backing up and cloning before beginning any of this though. And it's just like anything, there's going to be things that you've never even heard of before and words that you are unfamiliar with etc. the internet is an excellent (as I am sure you are already well aware of) resource of information. This subject matter though is extensive as you are quickly learning.

Don't get me wrong, I will help where I can help, but when/if something ever comes up most likely anyway, there is only going to be you and however many clones etc. which true, a technician could come in and see these clones that you show him or her and they will know (at least should know) how to use them to restore your machine if of course, you for whatever reasons are incapable of doing it for yourself.

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Oh, the external is totally clean.

Would there be more than 1TB of material in the laptop?

What I have in mind is a total backup that would include win10 and the way it is set up. Hopefully it would include thunderbird and Jaws, but if it did not, I could download them again. I really haven't added much of any programs on the laptop except jaws and TB.

Does a backup write over what was on the laptop the previous time, or does it make another complete and separate backup?

My hope is that each later backup would simply write over and update
what was there from the previous time.



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If that external of yours is clean with nothing on it, then maybe then you could back up your machine to it, but just because you have a 1TB within the laptop doesn't at all mean that you have 1TB worth of data upon it. So it truly comes down to what is it that you have upon your external, and what's the amount of data you have upon your local 1TB SSD?

As far as making a backup every month though, you would most likely want another drive with more capacity.

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Hi All,

I have a Lenovo laptop running win 10 and jfw. It has a 1 T SSD. I have a 1 T Western Digital My Passport external hard drive. I would like to backup the entirety of my computer to the external. How do I do that. This is only a personal computer not a business. I would like to update the backup every month or so in case I have some kind of disaster that wipes out my computer

Please help! I don't want to be caught unaware .

Thanks so much for your guidance in this matter.


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