induction cooking


Hi, I have a gas stove and always love a gas stove. But I am really interested in like something like the new wave cooktop that uses induction to heat or cook your stuff. I especially interested in it for using with my nice big cast iron duch oven I use for a deep fryer.  If there is a counter top model that is accessible and when I say accessible not talking about talking. I talking about usable. That it would have some kind of buttons that you could tell they are there and when they are pushed. Something simple like on and off and then a up and down temperature. Don’t think in the case of a cooktop they would have a timer but if they did I could just ignore it if possible. My Maine thing would be able to turn it on and off and change temperature. I know they have electric deep fryers but none of them tend to be big enough and almost impossible to clean and keep clean. Also controlling the temperature is way too hard. So I am hoping that something like a counter top induction cook top would work for my needs which is mostly will be used for deep frying stuff in my cast iron duch oven. Any input will be appreciated.





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