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This is using Google Translate, this is what I posted a little bit ago in German.

Weißt du, ich bin mir nicht sicher. Also, was machst du? Den Computer herunterfahren? Und starten Sie es Backup und es geht an die Frage nach dem Passwort, oder?

Haben Sie in der Vergangenheit ein Passwort für Ihren Computer verwendet?
Ist das nichts Neues für Sie, wenn Sie ein Passwort verwenden, um Ihren Computer zu starten?

Ich bin gespannt, wie Sie Ihren Computer gestartet haben, bevor dies alles begann.

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No. Instill have problems. He justt can‘t accept the pasword and I have deleted everything and rezenteres it many times. But unfortunately... :( What could help else?

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Not sure if you were ever able to get past your password misfortune, and even though you were given a few answers that I would see working for your situation, here it is again below just in case.

Clear the previous text within a password before typing in your password:

1. Do a select all command of Control+A.
2. Hitting delete will clear everything.
3. Type in your password.

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I went down and reread what you initially posted, and if you're actually at a password, where the system is asking you for the password, did you even use a password before all of this?

If not Safe Mode? I don't understand what it is that you mean. Didn't you say that you went I'm guessing to msconfig and make it so your computer would boot into Safe Mode right? That's the only reason we're even talking about it, but if you truly weren't actually trying to make it boot into Safe Mode and it's now asking you for a password. Trip trip trippy. Maybe this is all due to that registery file you spoke of. Is that when all of this pretty much started?

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I did exactely as you said. It seems not to work. Ok if it is not safe
mode what then? Thank you for help

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Am 28.07.2020 um 10:49 schrieb Smiling? <>:

Not sure of what OS it is that you are using, but if you are using Windows10, then just follow the steps below.

Windows10 machine out of Safe Mode using Command Prompt.

1. Open Command Prompt as administrator using the Run Dialogue:
Windows key+R for the Run Dialogue; now type exactly cmd and use the keystroke Control+Shift+Enter to open and run it as admin.

2. Type exactly what it is below:
bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot and hit the Enter key. This
will turn off Safe Mode.

3. Close the Command Prompt window and reboot, (Windows+X & R for reboot). Your computer should start up back in its normal mode.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Problems with pc start and NVDA

I have a big problem.
I think, I have started my pc into safe-mode. Ihave justt restarted the pc and now it does not say anything. There are only the log-in options on the braille display. When I try to enter the pin it says that there is an error and I can‘t read more because when I try to go a line down with the braille display it just does nothing. Well and the other problem that the screen courtain is turned on. ...... Ah and also after I have reseted the Mikrosoft pasword it still says that it is not right. Does anybody have a solving?
Oh and I also did a registry patch inorder for NVDA to function in the safe.mode but now.... well.... I can‘t hear nothing. Well I did not intend to boot into safe.mode. I just think that is the problem......

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