Re: Can't Copy From Drop Box


I suspect you may finally have gotten the new Drop Box update that has been out for months but that some people have just received recently.

Go to Drop Box in the system tray. I don’t think that you can do this in the System tray dialog your screen-reader offers.
Open the Drop box icon with the space bar or enter. They both may work or try each.
Up arrow to preferences. Up arrowing is much faster.
Tab until you get to open folders in. If it says desktop Dropbox application or something similar, up arrow to file explorer.
Tab to and activate the ok button. That will cause the old display where you can copy and paste to be used.


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From: lynn white
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Subject: [TechTalk] Can't Copy From Drop Box

As of yesterday, I can't either upload or download to Drop Box. I've
tried searching help on Drop Box and Google and can find nothing of

Thanks for any ideas.

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