JAWS and Thunderbird

Abbie Taylor

A couple  of years ago when I subscribed to Office 365, I tried using Outlook because at the time, I was using NVDA, and Thunderbird wasn't as responsive as it had been with that screen reader. I discovered that Outlook worked a lot better with NVDA. 
This past winter, I switched to JAWS. Since then, I've had difficulty, in Outlook, navigating to links, headings, etc. in a message. Sometimes, when I click on a link, it jumps to the subject field. In the daily summary messages I receive from my lists at groups.io such as this one, when I click on a link to a topic that interests me, it takes me to a different message from the one I wanted. 
For those of you using JAWS with Thunderbird, how well does it work? Do you have difficulties similar to what I described above? I'd appreciate any input. Thank you in advance. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author https://abbiescorner.wordpress.com




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