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Gerald Levy

I see one problem with this phone that nobody else has probably thought of: the name .  "RealSAM" sounds suspiciously like "SAMNet", which is a Serotek product, and if Serotek discover that another company is using a name very similar to the name of one of its own products, it might decide to sue them on the grounds of trademark or copyright infringement.  Remember when Freedom Scientific sued Serotek for using the name "Freedom Box" for its screen reader, because it would mislead consumers into thinking that it was a Freedom Scientific product?  Rather than go through costly litigation, Serotek changed the name of its screen reader to System Access, and in the process, garnered a lot of free publicity for itself.  Now Serotek has the opportunity to do the same thing to the company behind the Real SAM, which probably doesn't even know Serotek exists.  I hate to say it, but the Real SAM sounds a lot like the ill-fated and overpriced Smart Vision phone, which is no longer being made after being on the market barely more than a year.


On 7/30/2020 9:54 AM, Gene wrote:
The buttons do things, presumably, if sighted people use them.  One of them appears to open a menu.

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In that case, what is the sense of the buttons?  Phew!  Drives you crazy!

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We'll see what we learn over time.  The way information is written, it
sounds like everything is programmed in and you can't add apps or abilities.
As written, it seems that That must be done by the manufacturer. We'll see.

Those who don't want to learn a touch screen or who are going blind and who
are in transition might want to use such a phone.  I doubt that skilled
users of regular smart phones would be content with what looks like its

And you didn't see a price because there isn't one.  Can you find the price
somewhere on the site?  Maybe.  but none of the collapsed buttons work on
the site.  I love it when companies who sell products to blind people have a
site that isn't fully accessible.  One of those buttons might open something
you could use to find a ;page that had pricing.  But you can't expand the

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Monte, I didn't see a price for this phone.

At 06:13 AM 7/30/2020, Monte Single, wrote:
Hi Olusegun,

Below is a link to another phone for the blind.
I found it first in a current item on the latest Top Tech Tidbits.
It is based on a Samsung phone.
Please have a look.
and then express yourself.




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