Re: another phone for the blind

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Colonel Monte wrote:

"Below is a link to another phone for the blind.

I found it first in a current item on the latest Top Tech Tidbits.

It is based on a Samsung phone.

Please have a look.

.and then express yourself."

I hope there's room left at the garrison. Why? I may need to dodge many
tasers, rubber bullets, and a few A K47's and M16's. No, I don't have a
bulletproof vest, too broke to grab one, selah!!

Without looking too hard, I have a few questions already: What is the
Samsung Core Prime? It's got to be an ancient toy Samsung sold eons back.
Ok, what OS does the Core Prime run on? RealSAM won't be sammy enough for
me that's for sure. I won't throw a RED FARTHING at it and won't even
accept it as a free gift.

If I can find a toy in the mainstream that FITS SNUGLY IN MY HANDS and helps
me GET MY WORK done, any specialized toy for the blind WILL NOT KISS my
quarter or see my signed cheque. It's another D.O.A. I think I'll do well
just running gingerly in my wee, small space whilst I continue to tinker
with technology in the mainstream where I can save myself from a few
haunting headaches!

All that said, RealSAM may be truly sammy for someone else. As an example,
I was SLIGHTLY EXCITED when I heard and read about the iPhone SE2020. I
jumped up a bit, alas, here's an iPhone I can play ball with I thought.
Previously, I FELL OUT OF LOVE with the iPhone because it didn't FIT SNUGLY
IN MY SILLY TINKERING HANDS! Then I checked the battery --- a puny 1,800mAh
at $400! What? In My Shiny Android World, such a toy will have at least
3,000-plus mAh battery power. So, goodbye SE2020, I'll stick with my

Some pundits tell me that Apple's technology manages batteries better than
My Shiny Android. May be so, but for someone like me who LEAVES HIS TOYS on
24 hours a day, never turning them off for any reason known or unknown, and
only having to recharge every two days sometimes three, hmm, it is well with
my soul!

Denver, Colorado

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