Re: another phone for the blind

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Well, Brother Gerald, RealSAM is still under development; what we've read
is, in my view, analogous to the usual "COMING SOON" announcement we are
familiar with.

But, don't worry too much, it'll be another D.O.A. See, we don't even know
what country it will come out of. Possibly the I.N.C. in the name is to
placate us Americans. After all, we're the ONLY COUNTRY in the world with
such corporate registration style and system. Also, everyone needs the
green back, IN GOD WE TRUST! So, brother, STASH UP SEVERAL for me, when I
make it to the Big Apple, I'll remember to stop by to pick 'em up! Some
sweet day, hopefully before I can't type any more 'cause I'm convalescing in
my casket en route to my space in the landfill, the CONSTANT MILKING OF THE
BLIND will come to a good end.

Denver, Colorado

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