Re: logitech mk 270 keyboard

Howard Traxler

What is this about a USB dongle?  How does it relate to a keyboard and what does it do?  Thanks.

On 8/2/2020 9:31 AM, Marie wrote:
Does this keyboard have the beloved applications key? I absolutely refuse to have another keyboard which does not have that key. I use it multiple times every day and hate the shift/F10 alternative. If I have to buy a dozen keyboards with it, I will get them and hoard them for future since so many newer ones don't have it. I may take a look at some Microsoft keyboards, as they normally still have my dear applications key. Kudos to Microsoft!!!Lol!

I also prefer the USB dongle wireless by far over any BT keyboard I have tried.


On 8/1/2020 4:38 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Colonel Monte, the MK270 is Plug-&-Play and forget!  In other words, leave
the dongle alone and it'll always be good to go.  Of course, you can move
the dongle from one toy to another if desired.  And now, don't pound it too
hard like I do, <hahaha!!>

Denver, Colorado

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