Re: How to talk into the internal mic on a laptop?


An easy way to find out how to get good results is to experiment with the Zoom test session. I seem to remember you are using Zoom. My microphone picks up speech pretty well when I am next to the laptop. I'm not sure exactly where the microphone is. I don't feel anything like holes anywhere that indicates its presence. If I want better audio, I lean over the computer. You can try different positions leaning over the computer. But are you asking because the microphone isn't working or is giving you poor or soft reproduction? Do you know how to change the volume of the microphone? There is also a microphone boost. Without knowing more, while I could write further, I don't know if it would be helpful or apply.


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Subject: [TechTalk] How to talk into the internal mic on a laptop?


How does one speak into the internal microphone on a laptop? Do you have to put your face next to the speaker area?


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