Re: Free or paid learning?


The underlying question may be whether the free resources are as good and comprehensive as the paid ones. I don't think there is an answer. Some resources are better and more comprehensive than others.

I would expect that free resources tend to concentrate on teaching smaller topics such as how to use a program. I would also suspect that paid material, while some of it would be such material, would be more likely to include comprehensive teaching such as a guide to Windows 10 or a guide teaching the various skills needed for effective Internet navigation or a comprehensive instruction in Microsoft Word, a program that is complex enough that I would think being paid would provide motivation to teach such a complex subject.

I've prepared a tutorial and I've done many presentations for accessible world. It takes a lot of time and work to produce good material. My guess is that it takes me somewwhere between three and four hours to produce a well done hour presentation. I'm willing to d that for free but my time and effort is worth something and spending perhaps twenty or thirty hours or more in creating a comprehensive tutorial on Internet use, for example, is something I wouldn't do for free. I suspect a lot of other creators of material feel more or less similar.

As far as paid training is concerned, different people learn in different ways. Also, some people might really benefit from paid training at the outset but with enough knowledge and experience, they may learn on their own after that using material like tutorials.

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I'm curious about how most of us would want to learn technology. Would
you prefer to glean free resources, or would it be better to get paid
tutorials and training? Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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