Lessons, Free of Paid for?


One more thought abut lessons designed for the sighted masses-

There are those times when you are going through a lesson, and it seems
that all is well.  they are teaching, you are learning, and all is
actually working out without some big hairy Problem popping up to make
the lesson that much more difficult.

I hate it when I am following along, and then suddenly, they tell me I
should see such and such, and I see something entirely different!

then my Brain goes into why did this happen mode!

am I using the same exactly versions of Windows, or the software?  Am I
just missing what I should see because my Screen Reader is not picking
it up?  Have I some how missed a step?

How old are these lessons?  Are they current enough?

I then reverse myself, and go back, and start that lesson over, just
encase it is me who turned left when I should have turned right.

And when I end up with my same original result, and mine is different
than what they say I should have, this is when I dearly wish I had a One
on One instructor, or a List, or a Forum to post my derailment, in hopes
of having someone get me back on track.

Personally, I can't afford every subject I would love to learn more
about.  So I spend a lot of time on Youtube, and on Web Sites that
hopefully will give me the info I need to progress forward instead of
getting stalled, or stopped.

Good Luck in your Quest

Grumpy Dave

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