Re: Free or paid learning?


There is a Ton of things to be learned for Free, say on Youtube. The
problem with Youtube is that most everything is given as if you can see
what to Click on and what you are likely to see on Screen.

Never the less, I have just watched multiple videos on the same thing,
and most of the time, I can tell what I need to know.

For those times I haven't been able, well that is a problem.

There are those times when you know so little that you are unable to ask
an intelligent question.

So, to just run a search on the Internet can give you some starting
points, but I've spent a lot of time digging through web page after web
page, not finding what I need.

If money is short, go the Free way.

If you have a budget, and can afford some training, and someone is
offering it for a price, if it is geared towards instructing the Blind
using a Screen Reader, I'd pay the money.

If it is just another video like found on Youtube, and you are again
getting taught as if you can see, then you still may have Dots that need
connecting at the end of the lessons.

Grumpy Dave

On 8/4/2020 7:30 AM, Sharon Hooley wrote:

I'm curious about how most of us would want to learn technology. Would
you prefer to glean free resources, or would it be better to get paid
tutorials and training?  Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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