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Even if that were the case, some sort of contexxt menu would open. The context menu, if you aren't on a link, would have nothing to do with working with a link, but there would be one. This needs to be clarified. Does any context menu open or nothing?


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Hi Adam,

Could their document presentation mode be set to screen layout instead of simple layout in JAWS, or is screen layout on if using NVDA, thus they aren't actually focused on the link?

Alternatively if you can right click on the link, could you email them the direct link by using copy link address?

On 5/08/2020 9:00 am, adam morris wrote:
Hi all,
I'm working with someone who has a strange issue with Chrome.
If they go to a site to download a file and they try to bring up the context menu to save link as the menu doesn't activate.
I am able to activate the menu on two machines of mine from the same site.
Wondering what setting may have been changed in chrome to make this happen?

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