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I think everyone's learning style is different; some people can learn by themselves with a tutorial; some are afraid of messing things up; some aren't. Some people really need coaching. All of this is good. I used to write computer tutorials teaching people how to use various Windows programs with various screen readers; some people bought our stuff and just went to town; some were totally bamboozled.
If you're somebody who needs coaching, my opinion is that it's worth paying for someone to get you started. I know money is a problem for people, but computer literacy really isn't optional these days. Just my tuppence worth.


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor RooseveltOn Aug 4, 2020 4:48 PM, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:

I wish I loved tinkering like that, and felt comfortable with it, rather
than getting stressed and feeling afraid that I did something wrong that i
might not get myself out of.  A long time ago, I used to say:  "Nothing will
defeat me!"  But that was a long time ago, before computer stuff came into
my life.  Pam.

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Sharon wrote in part:

"I'm curious about how most of us would want to learn technology. Would you
prefer to glean free resources, or would it be better to get paid tutorials
and training?"

Difficult question to answer.  I think that most of the answers will be
subjective.  Each individual must necessarily do that which makes such a one
more comfortable with the learning process.

For me, I take joy in tinkering, making my trillion mistakes and then
figuring out ways to fix whatever problems I create.  It can be daunting,
time-consuming, but I'm never in a hurry and I'm not seeking to join any
number of gurus for a talent show.  When I do get stuck, I ask questions
either in this space, or use some other source to get myself back on the
right track.  For instance, I have not migrated to Windows10 yet; a part of
with My Shiny Android Toys!  I took that decision following the death of my
preferred Windows screen reader, Window-Eyes!  I'm getting much more done
lately with My Shiny Android Toys and the push towards Windows10 has no real
effect on me.  If secondary work causes me to migrate to Windows10 for a
while, I believe I am equal to the challenge.

I always check things out in the mainstream first before giving anythought
to specialized anything for the blind.  If, for instance, there is no free
tutorial on a subject I am investigating, but such a tutorial is available
in the mainstream at a price point I feel comfortable with, then I'll buy
the needed tutorial from the mainstream.  No doubt there are brilliant minds
amongst us who produce great tutorials; I have not liked the price points on
most of these and so I leave well alone.

Denver, Colorado

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