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Shelly Kane


I know that I'm late to this discussion but haven't been on the computer yet today.  In answer to your question about blocked callers, to my knowledge, when you block someone, they will remain blocked until you unblock them.  You can go into phone and I don't know the full process of doing this but you can see all of the people you have blocked when you click block calls and you can either leave them there or delete them.  When you delete them, you can get text and calls from them again.  Even when you do this, I doubt you would hear from them because depending on how long they have been blocked, they have probably given up trying to reach you.  I have a list of blocked calls and I haven't deleted any. There is no need to.  There is also no time limit of how long they will stay blocked.  They will not unblock themselves.  You will have to do that if you so wish.  I hope I have helped with this. Sorry, I am not tech savvy so I don't know all of the menus and detailed instructions because I don't do it that much.  I just know it's there.


On 8/6/2020 9:10 AM, Gene wrote:
I can look at callers in my contacts and using a menu like a context menu in Windows, see an unblock option.  If you are asking something different such as if there is a llist of blocked callers, I don't know.  I don't have a smart phone; I have a feature phone and there is no such list on it.

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What i mean is, do the blocked callers remain available to be unblocked,
and accumulate into a list in storage, or does the opportunity go away
after a certain amount of time and is forgotten?

On 8/5/2020 12:50 PM, Gene wrote:

Do you mean can you unblock them or are they automatically unblocked?  You can undelete them yourself but I see no reason a phone would automatically unblock a caller after a certain time.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Getting rid of blocked callers


Is it possible to delete blocked callers, or do they go away after a certain amount of time?

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