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Monte Single

Arrrrrr Billy,


Now we sees yous truly certified!


Yes, I had hope it would have  made for a bit more dialog,  maybe  it’s just too mild a question.


I have two google minis, and most of  the time I find them quite responsive for general info.

That’s all I really want them for.  No smart stuff in my  home except me of course.  Imagine cartoonimage of me eating crow.


Sometimes, the simplest question generates  “don’t know” response,  and my immediate response is to say something definitely rude. 

…and I feel really stupid;  yelling at a piece of plastic.

I found these minis  on sale at bestbuy in the new year.

If I see a basic echo at a good price I’ll get one.


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Hey Monte.


I have both as well, a google home mini in the kitchen, and several echo dots scattered throughout the house. I like them both for different reasons. I find google is better at giving information, recipes and such. The echo integrates better with my entertainment system as I can play anything from apple music to any room in my house through the sonos system. I like the echo better for it’s alarm and notification sounds. I probably use the echos more than the google over all. I have several smart plugs and lights, not that I can see them lol, and they work well with both the google home and echo. I’m sure others can share their experiences as well. I’m surprised your question didn’t generate more dialog as it would be an interesting discussion to have. To play it safe, get one of each. 😁


Chris Judge


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Subject: [TechTalk] google and or echo


Hi Heather Albright,


I noticed in your recent posting on the subject of “lessons”,  you indicated you have both google and echo devices.

Is this correct?

If so,  would you share your thoughts  and impressions on the two.

I have a google home mini which I think is pretty good for the 25 bucks I paid  for it;  and then sometimes it just frustrates me too much.


Thanks for your input

…and of course the input of others on this subject.



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