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For some reason, there was a problem with the link I sent. Here is the correct one:


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From: Gene
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To get a safe link, do a search for something like Brave Browser review,
then read an article from a reputable magazine such as PC World where they
will give you a link or give you information so you will recognize a safe
site, such as a company name that may be used as the address.
such as the name of the company so you will know a safe link when you see

As an example, this article, from PC World provides a loink.
The text below, when seen on the site, provides a web in the text as part of
the text I'm reproducing.
Brave can be downloaded from this page of Brave Software's site.

Also, the article contains a lot of information about Brave you may not know
and want to know.

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From: Jim
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Please provide a safe link to get this Brave browser. I didn't find it
on Surely don't want spyware.
8/6/2020 5:57 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Terry asked:

"Does anyone know if the latest brave will work with windows 7?"

Sure thing! Alongside my friendly IE, I use it time and again in my
Windows7 box. So, go make the Brave browser your friend, it's close to
being mine as well!!

Denver, Colorado

Jim Elsner

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