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heather albright

I wanted to control my network, not spectrum. Their always doing things to my internet and i do not feel they are being very secure. The router does not have a long enough range to reach all threw the apartment, mainly because of where they positioned the equipment and they do not have wi-fi extenders to work with their equipment. I had that discussion last night when the network was not connecting once again in my room and in the front bedroom. I went to the router page to see if I could fix it. I tried changing channels and it still would not work, it kept telling me to contact the provider. So i was on the phone for 40 minutes. SO they fixed it and would not tell me what they did so I could prevent it from happening again. They just said just call us again if it happens again. So i still do not know why I repeatedly lose internet connection at night, during the day, it is fine. I wanted 2 factor on the router but, they do not support it; well, the guy said it can be done but, he does not recommend it; why? So hopeing if I can get my own router, I would have some control and I could have 2 factor and with wi-fi extenders, we would not keep losing connection. I know i am really knew to this process but, I wanted vetter security and more control over my home network. Thank you Heather

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I wouldn't believe any sighted person who tells you something isn't accessible when they don't know how we do things. The router very likely is accessible if you use its web page interface. But the tech is probably correct about many things not being able to be changed since that is probably true for everyone.
Ath this point, is the problem just range or other things?

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I want a router that pluggs in to the modem. The one they gave us keeps crapping out on us. Also need to maybe have wi-fi extenders to have solid connection threw out the apartment! Sometimes my network from the celluar is stronger than the wi-fi . I know it is because the cable guys installed in a not so centeral part of the apartment and said that was the only place for the set up. I was reading that they have set ups that work with alexa to control the network. It is not accessible to get in to my router and was told I cant change alot of things by spectrum. THey do not currently offer wi-fi extenders too! Thanks for any info! cheers Heather

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It depends on how much you want to spend.

Also, are you looking at replacing the cable modem? or would you want to buy a router that plugs into the modem?


On 8/7/2020 4:46 PM, heather albright wrote:

Hello, I am thinking about creating my own network instead of relying on spectrum's modem and router! Does anyone know which kind I should get that is accessible with the interface? I just think the equipment they give us is poorly made and not reliable to say the least. We do not even get internet all threw the house and we only have 1200 sq. feet. We are dropping the land line so just need the router to support internet. Thanks for in any help! cheers Heather

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