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I haven't used it with JAWS but it works well when I use NVDA with a browser. But in terms of using the actual desktop application, I can't comment on that. And I don't know how accessible a lot of features are either when using the browser or the application. I use it in a way people generally don't, for listening to albums or specific songs or already created playlists. I haven't used it much for quite a while, either. I don't use the social media aspects nor do I create playlists.

It appears to me, however, that a serious drawback to using a browser is the inability to move back and forward within a playing track. I can move forward from track to track but not back. I tried to find short cut keys to be used with the browser interface for these ;purposes, but I found none. I saw one message in a discussion that said that you can't do these things using the desktop application. I don't know if that is true.

While I don't know this, I suspect you will be more satisfied with the computer application if it is accessible. It has commands to do the kinds of things I've been discussing.


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The few times I’ve used it on my PC (via the browser and not the Win 10 app), it’s been fine. I’m almost exclusively an iPhone user for this service though.



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How well does this application work with jaws



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