closing laptop's lid while using?

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

I use a USB keyboard with my laptop and somebody who also uses a USB keyboard told me the other day that they keep the lid closed even when they're using it. I just wonder if that's advisable though because I remember once I let my mom use my laptop, and she just closed the lid without shutting it down first and when I found out and went back several hours later the whole machine was so hot that I could barely touch it.

That was several years ago now, but between that and leaving a desktop computer on for a few days in a row many years ago and the motherboard ended up burning up I don't want to take any chances, but if there is some way that I can keep my laptop lid closed when I'm using it and the heat won't damage it I might do that.

Oh, I don't run my laptop 24/7 but it is on all day long most days.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this matter.


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