power setting question

Madison Martin

Hi all,
On the topic of power settings, can someone please tell me where to go to find
the power settings for my laptop? I'm asking because on my old laptop when I
pressed and held the power button that resulted in a hard shut down, but when I
do it on my new computer nothing happens. Is this something that can be changed
in the power settings? If not then where and how do I change it? Well I don't
need to do a hard shut down very often there have been times where my computer
freezes and/or Jaws stops talking and the only way to get it going again is to
shut it down which I obviously can't do without speech so I have to get someone
to shut it down for me which is annoying. Doing a hard shut down is a way for me
to fix it myself. Sorry for the long message, hope someone can help!! Thanks

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