Re: Need new computer speakers, suggestions please

Monte Single



I have two computers with three different  speakers between the two.

One set cost about ten bucks and is fine for regular tasks where I use my screenreader;  this includes email, text documents,  and internet activity.

Another pair  cost about 20 dollars are on the other computer, are fine for the above activities, and plain old tunes and  everyday things like podcasts, utube etc..

And there is thebose revolve which cost about 200 sollars.  It is great for good music listening and other  higher end audio stuff.

Personally,  I prefer the cheaper speakers for everyday use.

The expensive bose speaker has too much bass for regular screenreader   activity.

That’s my experience.

And if I turned up the volume on that bose speaker, the neighbours would complain.


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Sent: August 11, 2020 3:20 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Need new computer speakers, suggestions please


This is a difficult question to answer as there are oodles of computer speakers on the market and preferences are widely varied. My suggestion would be, if your area is not still in lock down, go to a place like best buy and listen to several types until you find one you like. I haven’t checked around lately as I am happy with the ones I have and have not had occasion to check out new speakers. I’m guessing, if you don’t care about quality and sound you should be able to get something on amazon for 10 bucks or so. Do a search for computer speakers on amazon and see what you can find.


Chris Judge


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Subject: [TechTalk] Need new computer speakers, suggestions please


I am in need of new desktop computer speakers. The ones I have came on an IBM 486 computer many years ago and have served me well, but now they have a shortage in them so I need new ones. I would like suggestion for a replacement. I do not want bluetooth but wired ones. Don't need very high end ones.

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