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That check box is checked by default in I wanted to make clear that GMail doesn't properly let you receive your own messages from other groups. That's annoying but since I only use groups, it doesn't matter. Even if I used other groups, messages almost always get to them so that probablyy wouldn't stop me from using GMail.


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No, Groups. that io has a rerouting function there is a checkbox in your account, that will allow you to receive your own messages. I was explaining this feature for Pam.
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I'm not sure what command you are talking about. If it is the recent command, that isn't something you adjust on the web site, so I don't think you are talking about that. And, from trying it, I concluded that it wasn't sending my list mail directly from the list. It was sending me a copy of my message but not from the list serve. So it was useless in terms of telling me whether my messag had reached the list.

But none of this matters if you use lists and a lot of e-mail lists have migrated there, or here, since we are using it on this list. GMail has no command to allow you to receive list mail. has a command to circumvent GMail's not sending you your own list mail. It has been on by default for a long time. So, given the number of groups on now, this may not be much problem anymore for a lot of blind e-mail list users or a minor one.

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Oh and to also receive your own replies in your inbox, there is a setting on the website that needs to be changed. If you want, I can walk you through that as well as send you a automatic login link that way that you can go onto Jessie's settings or if you wish for me to do it for you, I could go off-line with you, and login to your Gmail and fix the problem for you if you would like. And I will by and if you don't feel comfortable with me doing it, if you want to give me your computer guys phone number that helps you out all the time, I can give him the steps and he can fix it for you if you would like. Because I know you've been going through a lot here means give anybody any of your information.
On Aug 11, 2020, at 10:31 PM, Gene <> wrote:

I don't know what you mean by bugging you. It never bugs me. And as far as your messages being under your replies, that's because you haven't changed a setting in either your e-mail program or GMail, its been so long I'm not sure which but I think if you are using an e-mail program it’s a setting in that program. There is a setting in the web interface to change the behavior as well.

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I don't like gmail, because google keeps bugging me every time I turn
around, practically, and also, I can't see my messages when I post to a list
unless it is underneath a reply. Pam.

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You have to pay for Fast Mail, but not with GMail. GMail works very well
and you can use it with e-mail programs. It may be that Fast Mail has
features some people may want but I don't think the typical e-mail user
would want them.

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Hi Marie,

This is exactly why I ditched Charter and went to Fastmail for all my email
groups, . It seems that Charter will throttle down your email if you
receive / send too much email, but I could never get Charter / Spectrum to
admit to this and someone else on this list posted something to the effect
this would happen after a certain number of emails per month. Well whatever
the problem with Charter is, I have absolutely zero problems with Fastmail.
Another problem I had with Charter was boucing email with which is
something I have zero problems using Fastmail.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go dodgers!
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Subject: [TechTalk] and Charter Email

I have a charter email account set up and I can send and receive messages
just fine except to or from Is there some conflict between the


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