Re: closing laptop's lid while using?

Pamela Dominguez

Well, maybe it would with this one I have now; I haven't been able to test that. But with my older one, the speakers were along the front. There was a long metal thing with holes in it. Pam.

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Closing the lid would also muffle the speakers.
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I offer my two cents. The laptop was designed from conception to completion to shed heat with its lid open. I don't believe the designers ever envisaged use with the lid closed.

The fact that it works, apparently, for some computers, is probably brand specific, or good luck.

As I'm sure you have observed, whenever the computer gets warm the fan kicks in and brings the processor back to a temperature range within which the processor works most efficiently. There are a number of utilities out there that will take the temperature of several areas on your motherboard if you're interested. One of the design features built into your computer and its processor is that the speed of processing is reduced as temperature goes up, as an attempt to keep that heat under control. The reduced load is also part of overall battery and power management, and the balances designed for performance and long life

It's also my contention that the heat buildup with the lid closed will eventually damage the display. I have, with my six-year-old Dell laptop, reduce the heat substantially by installing a 500 GB SSD for a cost of about $80. I too would find it convenient to run it with the lid closed. However, running temperature software, I see that the temperature goes up fairly quickly and I hear the fan working harder than normal. Of course, you can tell the computer how to behave when it's closed in the Control Panel under power settings.

I'm not sure if I want to risk damaging the display, even though I don't use it. It just doesn't feel right.

You might consider some kind of compromise by putting some cardboard or something in between the lid and the body that would not totally compromise air circulation, but it's your gamble. Of course, I appreciate how much more convenient it would be to run a closed computer.


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Subject: [TechTalk] closing laptop's lid while using?

Hi all,

I use a USB keyboard with my laptop and somebody who also uses a USB
keyboard told me the other day that they keep the lid closed even when
they're using it. I just wonder if that's advisable though because I
remember once I let my mom use my laptop, and she just closed the lid
without shutting it down first and when I found out and went back
several hours later the whole machine was so hot that I could barely
touch it.

That was several years ago now, but between that and leaving a desktop
computer on for a few days in a row many years ago and the motherboard
ended up burning up I don't want to take any chances, but if there is
some way that I can keep my laptop lid closed when I'm using it and the
heat won't damage it I might do that.

Oh, I don't run my laptop 24/7 but it is on all day long most days.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this matter.


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