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Pamela Dominguez

No, my messages only show up if somebody replies to them, but I don't see the message when I first send them. Only if somebody replies to them. As for them being under the replies, that's where they belong. But every time I open up a browser to type in a website, google automatically gets right there and puts me in search mode, as if I'm searching for something, not actually knowing what I want to open. So, I have to take it out of that mode. That's what I mean bugging me all the time. I only want google if I actually want to search for something. Pam.

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From: Gene
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 11:31 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] and Charter Email

I don't know what you mean by bugging you. It never bugs me. And as far as
your messages being under your replies, that's because you haven't changed a
setting in either your e-mail program or GMail, its been so long I'm not
sure which but I think if you are using an e-mail program it’s a setting in
that program. There is a setting in the web interface to change the
behavior as well.

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From: Pamela Dominguez
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 9:41 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] and Charter Email

I don't like gmail, because google keeps bugging me every time I turn
around, practically, and also, I can't see my messages when I post to a list
unless it is underneath a reply. Pam.

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From: Gene
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2020 6:32 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] and Charter Email

You have to pay for Fast Mail, but not with GMail. GMail works very well
and you can use it with e-mail programs. It may be that Fast Mail has
features some people may want but I don't think the typical e-mail user
would want them.

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From: Mike B
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2020 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] and Charter Email

Hi Marie,

This is exactly why I ditched Charter and went to Fastmail for all my email
groups, . It seems that Charter will throttle down your email if you
receive / send too much email, but I could never get Charter / Spectrum to
admit to this and someone else on this list posted something to the effect
this would happen after a certain number of emails per month. Well whatever
the problem with Charter is, I have absolutely zero problems with Fastmail.
Another problem I had with Charter was boucing email with which is
something I have zero problems using Fastmail.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go dodgers!
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From: Marie
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2020 1:25 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] and Charter Email

I have a charter email account set up and I can send and receive messages
just fine except to or from Is there some conflict between the


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