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Monte Single

Hi Lisa,

In many ways the Iphones and the androids are similar.
In apple land, You can ask siri some questions and get it to do some things.
Voiceover does not answer question or do things. It just reports what is on the screen.
Maybe things are similar with the Samsung galaxies.
Hopefully someone with the real info will clarify these things.
Maybe our great friend Olusegun will add his 20 cents worth.

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Okay, so I'll ask this question. . . How much does it talk with just the Voice Assist? I know people who get the iPhone thinking SIRIUS will read and do everything for them and it just doesn't work that way. Can I use the Voice Assist to do other things besides texting and calling? What about Emails and surfing the net? I know you said you don't do these things, but is their voice feedback when trying to do them?

Lisa Belville

On 8/12/2020 6:02 PM, Rob Hudson wrote:
I have a samsung galaxy s8, so I use voice asisst all the time. It's a fork from talkback. I am not a heavy power phone user. I use the thing mainly (gasp!) as a phone--taking calls and doing texts. I know shocking these days lol. But for me, I've never run into any problems. If you are coming from the land of fruits, I have no idea how different the user experience is going to be. I jumped straight into android without passing go and collecting 200 dollars back in 2014. From no phone to the Galaxy s6.

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Any experience with this Voice Assist? The only Android knowledge I
have is with an Amazon Fire Tablet with the Google Play Store on it,
but that uses Amazon's voice.

Lisa Belville

On 8/12/2020 4:03 PM, Rob Hudson wrote:
It will have Samsung Voice Assist on it.
You'll find it under settings, accessibility.

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Hi, all.

My sighted mom who knows nothing about smart phones is getting a
Samsung A10e from QVC. This looks like a good deal if you like
TracFone. I may have to help her learn to use it. Does this phone
have Talkback or some other Android speech? I am an iPhone user
with Verizon, but I am also curious about the quote Other Side unquote.

Any pointers would be helpful.


Lisa Belville

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