Re: Samsung Galaxy A10e usability for totally blind

Lisa Belville

Oh, not so much interested in that.  As long as I have speech I'm fine.  It's just that I see new iPhone users expecting SIRI to do everything and read everything to them when in reality there is plenty SIRI can't do, so it's just easier in the long run to learn to use Voice Over and the touch screen.

Lisa Belville

On 8/12/2020 9:09 PM, Rob Hudson wrote:
You got to set up the google assistant or bixby to do siri things. I haven't done any of it so I can't help there.

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Hi Lisa,

In many ways the Iphones and the androids are similar.
In apple land, You can ask siri some questions and get it to do some things.
Voiceover does not answer question or do things. It just reports what is on the screen.
Maybe things are similar with the Samsung galaxies.
Hopefully someone with the real info will clarify these things.
Maybe our great friend Olusegun will add his 20 cents worth.

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