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chris judge

Some brands will allow you to change them by holding the FN key and pressing escape. I have a dell laptop as well as an HP. With the dell you toggle the behaviour of the function keys with fn escape, and with the HP you toggle them with the fn key and the left shift key. I believe others have a utility built in that allows you to change them, but I’ve never experienced this personally. If the suggestions above don’t work you may need sighted assistance to go in to the bios and change them. Regardless, it can be changed. I can’t imagine having to hold the FN key every time I implemented a command that required the use of a function key. If the lord had wanted this to be so he would have given us a third hand.


Chris Judge


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Like others have stated Lenovo has the habit of setting the media function keys to the default but with some visual assistance you can set the function keys to act like the ones on your desktop if that is the rout you want to go. For now do the FN plus JAWSKey plus F4 to unload JAWS. FN is the key usually on the bottom left in between the control key and the windows key. Not sure if Lenovo has an application to turn the media function keys off but one method is to go into the bios of the machine to turn them off.


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From: Vicky Vaughan
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Subject: [TechTalk] A surprising difference between desk top and laptop command


Hi List, I recently bought a Lenovo Windows 10 laptop and loaded Jaws 2020 on it. 


I was surprised to find that when I press Insert plus F4 on its keyboard, it goes to a print command. However, when I issue that command from an attached desk top keyboard it does unload Jaws as it should.


Have any of you experienced this?


Sincerely, Vicky V





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