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Juan Gonzalez <jgonzalezh614@...>

Good morning, I am going to try this but since its still registered to the state not sure if they will give me that info. The state would not transfer it to me so we will see.


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Your options are calling and telling them your JAWS serial number so you can get the key which hopefully you write down for yourself.


Insert+J to open up the JAWS window otherwise just Alt+Tab there.

Open up the About... option and this serial number will be here.


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Good afternoon, I am thinking of restoring my laptop back to factory settings and was wondering if there is a way I can save my activation key or file so when I reinstall it I can activate it again. This jaws was installed by the state and I have long ago lost the box for it. I am running JAWS 2020 and not sure if I can make an account since its registered to them. If someone could tell me my options that would be great.




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