Re: How do u clone a laptop's hard drive?

George McCoy

Under windows 10, Narrator is available after the startup disk you create boots up.


On 8/13/2020 7:23 PM, Geoff Eden wrote:
Good evening Nancy, the easiest way to do this to secure all of the personal
settings you have for your computer is to create an image of your hard drive
on another drive, which will give you the capability of bringing your
machine back to the moment you created the image.

To begin with, determine what you really need to keep for a restoration. If
you have copies of music, emails, or text that you have already put away,
then you can remove them from your drive before starting in order to keep
the image within manageable limits. This is only necessary if space is an

When you've accomplished your housecleaning, check to see how much space is
being used. Then look at your external drives to determine where you have
sufficient space to store your image.

To begin, tap your Windows key and type in the word "backup". This will
open up your restore utility, tab to "backup and restore windows 7" and
select by pressing enter.    Press the tab several times until you see
create an image of this computer. Press the enter key to select this item,
and after a short time, the next tab will show you an option of which drive
you may select. This only occurs if you have other drives plugged in at the

Finally, launch the process, and give yourself a few hours to do something
else. You can use the computer while this is happening, but I suggest it may
be risky. I do mine overnight.

The computer will inform you when it's finished, and offer you the
opportunity to create a startup disk. You must select this option and be
ready with a blank CD, DVD, or memory stick to record this special boot
material. It is altogether likely, that if your computer has a CD/DVD drive,
your BIOS has been set to see it first in the boot sequence. If your
computer has no media drive, that it is altogether likely that your BIOS
will see a device such as a memory stick or a remote CD drive as first in
the boot sequence.

Now, when it comes time to restore from that image, start your computer with
the CD – memory stick ready to go. Give your system a minute or two to sort
itself out, which it will do without speech. Generally, hitting the enter
key a couple of times will launch the restore. If not you may need someone
to take a peek at the screen.

Just for your information, there is a circulation of Windows PE that can
come up talking and will give you control of the image restoration. Probably
far more complexity than that for which you are prepared.

I hope this is helpful, and that if anyone sees I've missed something,
please jump in.


-----Original Message----- From: Nancy Hill
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Subject: [TechTalk] How do u clone a laptop's hard drive?

Hi All, Thanks to y'all I have gotten to the point where I am wanting to
get a copy/clone of my laptop's hard drive so I will be able to restore
it with most of the tweaks I like to have on my machine should the need
ever arise.

Is there a place to get instructions on how to clone a hard drive?

I am running win10 and one of the latest jaws.  My laptop has a 1TB SSD
and I have 2 1 TB WD external My Passports ready to receive the clone/copy.

I don't know how often I should clone my PC as it is not a business
machine...just my personal device.

Your suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!


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