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Totally agree it has nothing to do with politics this go around!




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Frankly, if you take that position and start harrassing members of Congress and library staff, you will simply come off as rude and unreasonable.  This is a good service.  It is usually reliable.  The public eye makes no difference.  The public doesn't even know the service exists.  This has nothing to do with the tea party or anything political.  It is some sort of technical problem. 


A real legitimate case of poor treatment is one thing.  Some sort oftechnical problem in a service that is usually reliable is something else again.




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I understand I should be patient, but patience never paid off. We blind people can't just go to a library and pick up books we like, and Bard is for some about 80% of book access, so you have to admit that this error is unprecedented, but I say it's unacceptable because it's not good for the public eye for the site to be down for this many days. Remember the Congressional Kindergarten class that resulted in the shutdown? Well, because of a Tea Party full of greed, we lost access to books, and that's unfair. I won't let that happen to me or thousands of other readers.

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I understand your frustration with the Bard site but you must admit they have done a very creditable job of providing us with the digital books and the mobile app which is great. I would think we could have a little patience with their current difficulties. I am sure they are working hard to fix the problems and will have the site up as soon as they can.





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This is the latest I have on Bard from Colorado's Talking Book Library, and I'm going to literally fudge the Congress people if they can't get us back our books soon. No more errors! Please!

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BARD Outage


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Good morning,

If you are a BARD user you may have noticed that the BARD website and mobile app have not been accessible over the last day. The following is a message from the National Library Service regarding this issue:

“NLS is experiencing technical problems with communication channels administered by the Library of Congress that are necessary to run BARD. We are making every effort to fix the problem and restore service.”

This is all the information we have at the present time.

We will send out another message as soon as BARD is back up and running.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Colorado Talking Book Library


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