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Browsing is browsing with any browser that supports the virtual pc cursor or browse mode, whatever your screen-reader calls it. Firefox, Chrome, and The Brave browser all support The Virtual PC Cursor or Browse mode. that's the same thing that you have been using in Internet Explorer. Its unfortunate that so many people have needless fear and use an increasingly oudated browser. Use control l instead of control o to move to the address bar, where you type an address.
Book marks are gotten to a little differently than in Internet Explorer. I'll send more information about an easy way to work with them in another message. I sent such a message earlier to another list. Others will, I hope, tell you more about im;portting book marks. but with either browser, you will see that navigating web pages is just about identical to doing so in Internet Explorer. A page may display something a little differently, for example, a button or link may show different words. On one site I've worked with to upload files, the button may say something like browse with one browser and select a file with another browser. Sometimes, different browsers see different parts of code on web pages.

As far as which browser to use between the Brave browser and Google Chrome, if you want to use a browser that takes what I consider an ethical stance towards advertisements on web sites, the Brave browser does. I'll provide a link to the page where you can read about it and download it.

Aside from its policies on advertising by web sites, the browser itself is very similar to the Chrome browser, it is based on Chrome.

You will get faster loading of web sites because a lot of commercials are blocked and its safer because, at times advertising is hacked and hackers try to download malware through hacked advertising.


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Hi Everyone,
I have been having a problem trying to get to any web site do to my IE browser, so I am finally getting around to it. I can't access half of the web sites I want to. I have received many messages when I try to get to a web site, I keep getting the message saying I need to update my browser, or a message telling me I am using an outdated browser. I am using the latest IE as my browser along with Windows 7. I have this same problem regardless which web site I go to. Can someone tell me a little about Brave and Chrome browsers, as I have always just used IE, but now, IE is almost disabled! Can someone also please give me a web site to download either browser, as I am in need for a update browser as soon as possible. Is either of these browsers difficult to be configured, if so, can someone please tell me what I need to do?

Thank you all in advance.
Peace Be With You.

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