Re: Personal Power, the iOS edition, by Michael Feir, audio Daisy completed!

Curtis Delzer

no, not down, I'll check though, right now b4 I send this message.

sems to work if I just past the link for the stream or nls player,

(hopefully the link doesn't split.

Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA

On 8/21/2020 3:22 PM, Abbie Taylor wrote:
For some reason, I can't download any of the versions on my PC running Windows 10. I tried all three versions and was told the file is temporarily unavailable. I'm using JAWS, by the way.
Have the files been taken down already? If so, that's too bad. I just saw this announcement. I'm hoping to buy an iPhone next week and was looking forward to reading this book.
Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author <>

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