Re: tracks on a cd are in the wrong order

Walter Ramage

Hi. One suggestion would be to use Express burn. This programme has an
option to clone the disc. You put the original disc in the PC then Express
burn takes an image of the disc, it spits it out and asks you to insert a
blank disc and it will burn it. There is another programme that does that
also but I just can't remember which programme it is but Express burn is a
good programme. Walter.

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From: Joe Giovanelli []
Sent: 29 November 2015 15:52
Subject: [TechTalk] tracks on a cd are in the wrong order

hello Everybody,

I have used Easy CD-DA Extracter for a long time. I never had a problem.

In this case, I had to copy a cd, which is close to 80 minutes long. I put
all the files into a folder just the way I always do it. The tracks are in
the right order. The tracks on the finished disk are not.

It could be that the length of the disk is greater than the standard 74
minute disk length. I don't know.

Bottom line! How can I copy the disk with all tracks in their right order?

Joe Giovanelli

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