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On 2020-08-23 8:39 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

This is in reference to the person who asked if the rumor was true that you couldn't use an Orbit Reader or Writer in Canada.  This is where you begin to learn to think like an adult, a reasoning human being.
First, The Orbit Reader is just a braille display.  The Orbit Writer is just a smart keyboard that connects to a computer or a cell phone via bluetooth.  They only connect to the Internet via a device like a computer or a cell phone.  It would be difficult to tell if the braille display or the braille keyboard were connected to something.

Second, why would the Canadian Government, much less Orbit Research care if you used an Orbit Reader in Canada?

Third, where did you get this information?  Who was the source? How reliable is that source.  No, I don't mean is the person a family member or friend or minister or counselor.  I mean how reliable has their information been in the past?  I don't care if it's your mom.
How accurate has it been?  What kind of reputation does your information source have among others?   What is the history of this information source?

C'mon, think, use that brain of yours.  That's why He created it, after all.  Think!  Reason!

Far as I can tell this is a false rumor.  It has no basis in truth.
Think!  Evaluate!  Trust your judgment!   <arrrghgh>  And they wonder why people believe that masks are against your civil rights or that X group is trying to take over the world?

Ann P.

Original message:
Hello there, I have Ben told that I cant use the sorbet in Canada, can
someone tell me if that is true, and why.  Thank you so much.
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