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I do not use Android Accessibility Suite except for testing purposes, but I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro and the Android Accessibility Suite seems to operate under MIUI (Xiaomi's spin on Android) in the same way it does on any other flavor of Android.  I don't know of any phone maker that uses truly stock Android; they all customize it in one way or another.

I cannot recall whether Android Accessibility Suite was part of MIUI as shipped, or I had to download it, but I seem to remember it being the latter.  That being said, MIUI has gone through several major version updates since then, too.

I can say that I've been shocked at just how good Xiaomi has been about pushing over the air (OTA) updates to MIUI over the last couple of years.  My partner has a Redmi 5 Plus, and that has been upgraded to MIUI 11 and is slated to receive MIUI 12 (which is based on Android 10, I believe, while 11 is based on Android 9).  Their OTA updates have been more frequent than I ever had with LG phones, or even my Samsung Galaxy S7, but I understand Samsung has gotten better about frequency of OTA updates and I haven't touched an LG phone in too long to know anything about what they're doing these days.

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