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Someone wrote a guide to using Chrome with NVDA but it is applicable to screen-readers in general. Of course, specific commands, if they are given like read to end are different but a screen-reader user would already know those commands for his screen-reader. Quick navigation commands are either identical or just about identical between JAWS and NVDA. If someone doesn't post the guide or something else that will be useful, I'll see if I can find it or inquire on the NVDA list.

As for now, if you want to look at the interface, open the menu, there is one single menu, with alt f. To be sure the menu opens, hold alt and type f. Look through the menu. In chrome, almost every interface is a web view. If you open settings, it will open as a web page. If you open history, it will open as a web page. Navigate these interfaces as though they are web pages and you will get a good deal of information about the structure of the program. There are times when you need to turn off browse mode or the Virtual PC cursor, names for the same thing in different screen-readers, to work with parts of this or that interface but in general, you can treat them as you would web pages.


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Is there an accessibility user guide for learning Google Chrome?


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